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{{Eyaletê Amerika
[[Dosya:Flag of Virginia.svg|thumb|right|195px|Destmala Virginia]]
[[Dosya:Map of USA VA.svg|thumb|right|195px|Mıntıqa Virginia]]
|Flag=Flag of Virginia.svg
|Flaglink=[[Flag of Virginia|Flag]]
|Seal=Seal of Virginia.svg
|Seallink=[[Seal of Virginia|Seal]]
|Map=Virginia in United States.svg
|FlagAlt=Navy blue flag with the circular Seal of Virginia centered on it.
|SealAlt=A circular seal with the words "Virginia" on the top and "Sic Semper Tyrannis" on the bottom. In the center, a woman wearing a blue toga and Athenian helmet stands on the chest of dead man wearing a purple breastplate and skirt. The woman holds a spear and sheathed sword. The man holds a broken chain while his crown lies away from the figures. Orange leaves encircle the seal.
|MapAlt=Virginia is located on the Atlantic coast along the line that divides the Northern and Southern halves of the United States. It runs mostly east to west. It includes a small peninsula across a bay which is discontinuous with the rest of the state.
|Nickname=Old Dominion; Mother of Presidents; Mother of States
|Motto={{nowrap|[[Sic semper tyrannis]]}}<br />{{nowrap|(English: Thus Always to Tyrants)}}<ref name=factpack/>
|Former=Colony of Virginia
|Capital=[[Richmond, Virginia|Richmond]]
|LargestCity=[[Virginia Beach, Virginia|Virginia Beach]]
|LargestCounty=[[Fairfax County, Virginia|Fairfax County]]
|LargestMetro=[[Northern Virginia]]
|Governor=[[Terry McAuliffe]] ([[Democratic Party (United States)|D]])
|Lieutenant Governor=[[Ralph Northam]] ([[Democratic Party (United States)|D]])
|Legislature = [[Virginia General Assembly|General Assembly]]
|Upperhouse = [[Senate of Virginia|Senate]]
|Lowerhouse = [[Virginia House of Delegates|House of Delegates]]
|Senators=[[Mark Warner]] (D)<br />[[Tim Kaine]] (D)
|Representative=8 Republicans,<br /> 3 Democrats
|Languages=English 94.6%, Spanish 5.4%
|2010Pop= 8,260,405 (2013 est)<ref name=PopEstUS/>
|AdmittanceDate=June 25, 1788
|SecededDate=April 17, 1861
|ReadmittanceDate=January 26, 1870
|TimeZone=[[Eastern Time Zone (North America)|Eastern]]: [[Coordinated Universal Time|UTC]] [[Eastern Time Zone|−5]]/[[Eastern Daylight Time|−4]]
|Latitude=36°&nbsp;32′&nbsp;N to 39°&nbsp;28′&nbsp;N
|Longitude=75°&nbsp;15′&nbsp;W to 83°&nbsp;41′&nbsp;W
|HighestPoint=[[Mount Rogers]]<ref name=USGS>{{cite web|url=|title=Elevations and Distances in the United States|publisher=[[United States Geological Survey]]|year=2001|accessdate=October 24, 2011}}</ref><ref name=NAVD88>Elevation adjusted to [[North American Vertical Datum of 1988]].</ref>
|LowestPoint=[[Atlantic Ocean]]<ref name=USGS/>
'''Virginia''' (bıwane: Virginya) yew eyaletê [[Dewletê Amerikaê Yewbiyaey]]a. Caê xo rocakewtenê (rocvetış, şerq) dewletê Amerika dero. Dorme ra Virginia da eyaletan [[Tennessee]], [[North Carolina]], [[West Virginia]], [[Maryland]], [[Kentucky]] u [[Okyanuso Atlantik]] estê. Paytextê Virginia suka [[Richmond]]o. Nıfusê eyaletê Virginia 7,567,465a. Riyê erdê xu 110,862&nbsp;km²ia.
{{Eyaletê AmerikaDewletanê Amerikayê Yewbiyayeyan}}
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