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Some wise-guys accusing me of being a sock puppet of [[Asmen]] but this is not true. I am a member of the [[Enstitüyê Zazaki]] in Frankfurt and I used 2-3 times Asmên's laptop. I use very seldom the wikipedia at all and after all this I want less use it with those bad and political minded people here. --[[Karber:Memedaga|Memedaga]] ([[Karber vaten:Memedaga|mesac]]) 14:54, 11 Gulan 2017 ([[UTC]])
:Even if it's true what you say, you confessed to be Asmen's meat-puppet! It's even clear as daylight from your few contributions since 2013.—<small>[[Karber:Gomada|<span style="background:Yellow">'''''<span style="font-family:Verdana;color:red">Gom<span style="color:#006400">ada</span></span></span>''''']]<sup>[[Karber werênayış:Gomada|peyam]]</sup></small> 20:49, 16 Gulan 2017 ([[UTC]])
: Please read: [ WP:SOCK, WP:MEAT, WP:COWORKER] [[Karber:Xoser|Xoser]] ([[Karber vaten:Xoser|mesac]]) 00:16, 17 Gulan 2017 ([[UTC]])