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::Kirmancki could be a dialect or language. That is not an issue here. The [ diq] code does not include Kirmancki micro-language, a term used by ethnologue--or let's say [ Kirmancki] dialect. The language that is pushed by two other sysops here is just a creation of theirs that does not exist in reality. They are mixing diq and kiu micro-languages, but this is not understandable by diq speakers. That's creating confusion among speakers. That's why we should write in diq in diq.wikipedia and kirmancki speakers should have their kiu.wikipedia. [[User:Xosere|Xosere]] 19:41, 4 Tebaxe 2008 (UTC)
::: PS3: The southern Zazas do use also the "no, na, nê"-System for "this", you can see this in all southern texts, in the texts of Faruk Iremet, Koyo Berz etc.
::: There is no a united "Southern Dialect", between the Central Dialect and Southern Dialect are also big differences. The only reason why get "kiu" and "diq" their own codes are phonetical reasons.
::: Do you have a statistic what evindec that the standard language ist not understanble? What points are not understanble? --[[User:Dersimıc|Dersimıc]] 19:43, 4 Tebaxe 2008 (UTC)