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nê vurnaye xulasa
::::: You clip yourself self everytime to the language name, but dont think about the real results. You will dont enreach ''anything'' if you split the Northern Zazas from other Zazas. You will have futher the same phonetic problems, also without Northern Zazas.
::::: The problem is not, that you dont can understand. The problem is, that your Zazaki is not enough good (also my zazaki is not enough good). Then you were don't say, that you can understand the Varto dialect and not the Dersim dialect and show me the song "ere nina", which is in the Dersim dialect 100% the same. Between this dialects are almost not differences, only phonetic differences.
::::: Its only a personal problem with Northern Zazas, you don't like them, this is the problem. There is no a linguistic problem. The slogan "I dont understand" this has no any linguistic price, because all dialects have the same basic. There is only a phonetic problem, which exist also between Southern and Central.