Pela "Wikipedia:Portalê cemaeti/Other issues" ferqê çım ra viyarnayışan

::::: And in the Cermikg Mouth does exist also "ime" as the variant "imı"
::::: '''Northern:''' ma zazayme (zaza+ime), '''Cermig:''' ma zazaymı (zaza+imı), meaning: werewe are zazas
::::: Central and Southern lost the "m" in the end, Parthian, Pahlawi etc. are the evidences for this. And here we can again the changing of e -> ı (ime -> imı) from Northern to Southern.
::::: And we have also not any problems with Varto-Speakers in communication. To us come every year Pirs of Varto, they speak in the Varto-Dialect and our family can communicate with them problemless. The only difference in the dersim-dialect is, is the pronouncing of the louds ç, c and ş. Therefore its hard to understand it in the real life.