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::::: And we have also not any problems with Varto-Speakers in communication. To us come every year Pirs of Varto, they speak in the Varto-Dialect and our family can communicate with them problemless. The only difference in the dersim-dialect is, is the pronouncing of the louds ç, c and ş. Therefore its hard to understand it in the real life.
::::: But in the writing language nobody have any problems with Mirzalis or Asmens texts. The only problem from ZazaYasar were the -e endings and things like "gırewt, "hewr", "ime" etc. because he is a regionalist.
::::: And at "ime" he had a very stupid argument: "ime" were according to him kurdish, while in kurdish doesnt exist this, the kurds use for "we are" this sentence:
::::: Kurmanci: Em kurd ın = we are kuds
::::: Sorani: Ême kurd ın = we are kurds
::::: Its not have any relation to kurdish, the kurdish "ın" have the same root as persian "and" (for 3. person plural) its lost only the "d". Zazaki "ime" has the same root as persian "im", as in: ma mikon'''im''' = we do it, zazaki: ma ken'''ime''' and its have old iranic roots.
::::: Look also to here:
::::: People like ZazaYasar, or our Dersimists work only on personal basis. Don't hear to them. This people do split also between villages.
::::: You are an intellegent man, don't be a regionalist like them. Every language had his standard process. We must do it, that Zazaki have a future in this global World.
::::: PS: Show me a source, which claculate the Central Dialect to "diq". All Linguists they i know see the Central Dialect as an own dialect. --[[User:Dersimıc|Dersimıc]] 13:43, 5 Tebaxe 2008 (UTC)