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::::: You are an intellegent man, don't be a regionalist like them. Every language had his standard process. We must do it, that Zazaki has a future in this global World. --[[User:Dersimıc|Dersimıc]] 13:43, 5 Tebaxe 2008 (UTC)
:::::: Whatever you say hereabove has no relevance to what I want to say. There two dialects with diq and kiu codes. Since the communication is very hard from both sides, there is no need to push people for something that prove to be non-productive. There is no accepted standard language at this time, and it seems there won't be in the near term. So I think there is no point in insisting on something that is not applicable for the time being. I am not against the idea of a standard language, but it doesn't exist. [[User:Xosere|Xosere]] 20:55, 5 Tebaxe 2008 (UTC)