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:: @Mirzali: I thought, that only mans do use as in Turkish the word "özgür" for human names. Yes, i knew that "xosere" is the feminine word of this, but I didn't know that is using for human names.
::@Xoser: You say :"even zaza yasar don't understand. ". '''ZazaYasar said before years: "Yaslilarinizi anliya biliyorum, sadece gencleriniz cümleleri ve grameri yanlis kuruyorlar diye anlasilmiyor".''' This words were from ZazaYasar in MSN to me and also in the PIA-Forum he said the same thing, he means, he can understand old Northern Zazas, but not young Northern Zazas, while both speak the same dialect. Here we can see, that its all '''only politic.'''
:: In the Southern Dialect does exist also "gam" or "gamı". A I said: Its only a phonetic problem, the problem is not the Northern dialect.