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::: There is no hatred at all. My point is very clear: there is no logic behind the idea of writing in a language that people don't understand. This only discourage them. Let people to write and read the way they know. Creating artificial languages are just personal aspirations of several young people many of the are not even natural speakers. The artificiality comes from the fact that combining things in a way that don't exist in reality as a whole identity, Essentially nobody understands. Most people don't care of older forms. If they cared, they would be like Avesta-Zazaki. Anyways, people wants to write and read the way they know. We have to listen to them. We have to encourage them to write. This happens by giving them the opportunity to write the way they know. We should not chase them away or call them "wrong" as some did those things here. The result was unacceptable on my part. I will assure to those people that they are welcomed here. My fist accomplishment is ZazaYasar. I'm convincing other natural speakers. Sometimes it is hard because of their previous experiences here with some certain people. You and everybody know the story well. By and large this is my goal. Help to people to write and make them flourish this Wikipedia. --[[User:Xosere|Xosere]] 07:06, 24 Keşkelun 2008 (UTC)
::::Xosere, you provoke us and when we try to explain something, you don’t even listen to it. For you seems everything to be nonsensical. And mainly you enforce your thing. Where remains in your opinion the justice? If you were be fair and could discuss with a civilized manner, you wouldn’t have driven the matter so into the abyss. You don’t even admit your own mistakes and see it as a reproach. You have apparently already forgotten your swear words and insults in your private emails. I'm not unforgiving and this leads not fair here. I leave it on your conscience.
::::The standard language should now be moot point. That we now put aside. But, all Zazaki dialects are equal, I always said it. You can read the archive if you forget it maybe. Your arguments are contradictory. If you're in the feel cornered, you try to sell us. Where you say, this is only for DIQ determined and banish the northern dialect from the outset. Where is the equality of all dialects, as if everyone should write what he has learned as a mother tongue. You don’t even know the difference between the dialects. Especially since don’t you know your own dialect well enough. Your dialect is in fact the central Zazaki, for which no code exists. How can you stand up for the Southern dialect? The time now is the pure truth. So don’t misrepresent the matter and stick to the truth.
::::And now you accuse people with to be non-native speakers. Every time you come up with something new and confuse the situation even more than it already is. I’m in any case a true native speaker. My first learned language is with certainty Zazaki, because up to my 10th year of life I grew up in the countryside of Pülümür. Even years after, I had ever contacted my relative, especially my grandma and grandpa's, whose primary language Zazaki was. Can you say unlike the same from yourself?
::::Please, stop your accusations finally. How can you ignore all of our hard work? How do you take the right to say we should go? Don't come no longer with more excuses and recriminations. With your current behavior, nobody will want to work with you, not even Zaza Yaşar or else who ever. It is probably only your own dream. Then you can still wait a long time, believe me it will be this way. Unless you change yourself for the better and we will continue our work in peace. And everyone is welcome, with his own dialect! --[[User:Mirzali|Mirzali]] 09:56, 24 Keşkelun 2008 (UTC)