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Standard Language without feminine -e endings
(Standard Language without feminine -e endings)
'''PS:''' As I said: People they want write in their own village dialect as you they can do it, nobody also change Faruk Iremets articles. So what is the problem. Write in your village dialect. Why you want divide the Northern Zazas from the other Zazas. --[[User:AliErsoy|AliErsoy]] 16:00, 24 Keşkelun 2008 (UTC)
=Standard Language without feminine -e endings=
I think, only in suchwise Central and Southern Zazas can accept a Standard Writing Language. We may not ignore this. Nobody of this people want accept this -e endings, also the Southern Zazas not, while in some parts the use -ı endings. Maybe this all dialects lost "e", but this is not important.
Today the most Zazas don't know this feature. And also the Southern Zazas they use -ı don't use this ending in every word, as example they say "weşi" ("sağlık") and not "weşiyı".
Also in the Xozat Dialect we say weşi and not weşiye, we don't use "e" for this "-lik" cases.
I think, it is not possible that any Central or Southern Zaza will accept this, not today, not tomorrow, and not in 20 years.
This feature only split the Zaza Union and make us weak against the enemies.
And anyway: Feminine in Zazaki is in Obliquus and Rectus the same.
So there is no difference if i see "ensiklopediya hoser" or "ensiklopediya hosere".
Because we can not differ between rectus and obliqus in feminine. So this -e endings are needless.
Its also not were artifical, there are dialects, they are not use any endings for feminine.
They say simply: cinık = kadın (North: cinıke), mêrdi cinık / mêrdê cinık = kadının kocası (North: mêrdê cinıke)
What is here the difference in the meaning? Also without -e endings the meaning remain the same. Because in Feminine there is not a difference between Rectus and Obliquus as in masculine.
This is only a produtictive idea to dissolv this big problem. With this -e endings nobody accept a standard language. --[[User:AliErsoy|AliErsoy]] 18:13, 24 Keşkelun 2008 (UTC)