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What is here the difference in the meaning? Also without -e endings the meaning remain the same. Because in Feminine there is not a difference between Rectus and Obliquus as in masculine.
This is only a produtictive idea to dissolv this big problem. With this -e endings nobody accept a standard language. --[[User:AliErsoy|AliErsoy]] 18:13, 24 Keşkelun 2008 (UTC)
Please be ready for compromises, elsewise the Central and Southern Zazas will be split themselve from the Northern Zazas and our enemies will assimilate us better.
Its not the end of the world, if we don't use this -e endings. Maybe you are right, that -e endings are a old feature. But this is today not important, all Central and Southern Zazas don't accept this. Neither normal people nor intellectuel people.
So why this insistence. We can create a standard language only if this language is accaptable for Northern, Central and Southern Zazas, for all groups. --[[User:AliErsoy|AliErsoy]] 19:14, 24 Keşkelun 2008 (UTC)