Pela "Wikipedia:What's going to be the future of diq.wikipedia" ferqê çım ra viyarnayışan

::::::''Ey verende ra Zazaki fam kerdêne u pilane xo de qesey kerdêne, hama nuştena cı nêzanıtêne. Serra 1990ine de dest kerd zıwanê ma u piyê xo, gına sero, mısa.''
::::::You must correctly understand the contents. The whole language in itself, I could already understand and speak. By learning the script and the intense preoccupation with the language came until 1990. And it is now 18 years ago. Can you say the same about you? So please don’t misrepresent the cause and spread no nonsense. --[[User:Mirzali|Mirzali]] 11:36, 25 Keşkelun 2008 (UTC)
:::::::I am not chasing people away. you are welcome to stay here as long as you write in diq. not only you anyone in the is welcomed here. it is you who chased away people. what's the correct zazaki? anybody can write in their dialect; and that'll be correct. you always claim that science is on you side, but sorry man, dialects are just dialects. they can't be wrong. this just what it is. i also talked to my seniors, parents and relatives in zazaki. so what? this doesn't make you different then me. people that i mentioned above are natural speakers who grow up with just zazaki language. they have a good understanding of their dialects. [[User:Xosere|Xosere]] 06:17, 26 Keşkelun 2008 (UTC)
Xosere wrote: '''""If they cared, they would be like Avesta-Zazaki. Anyways, people wants to write and read the way they know."'''