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::::::::::Surely, we are also totally believed and waited. Every time you have an excuse ready. How should it be otherwise? You’re only holding us with your silly arguments my friend. You can keep your ever-changing new ideas for you, and you can possibly achieve them alone in the future. By the way, where ever remain your hotly coveted friends? That is probably just an illusion of yourself, and then you can wait a long time. --[[User:Mirzali|Mirzali]] 06:19, 29 Keşkelun 2008 (UTC)
::::::::::: i'm not holding you up. you are free to launch a KUI.wikipedia, if you want to write in that dialect. We'll wiki-transport all articles to there in just seconds, and that would be it. --[[User:Xosere|Xosere]] 05:58, 30 Keşkelun 2008 (UTC)
Xosere wrote: '''""If they cared, they would be like Avesta-Zazaki. Anyways, people wants to write and read the way they know."'''