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:::I care because I am a devoted Disney fan, and Vuzorg seemed to be able to improve the articles well. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs actually is a redirect to Snow White (disambiguation) in English. I forgot what it was called exactly. However, it's called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for the disambiguation page in another Wikipedia (West Frisian). I added the link to the disambiguation page, but this will need sorting out. I had recently registered to help out with renaming pages with wrong titles, but the reason I wasn't logging in properly is because I was just simply lazy. For pages without Wikidata links, I've added them now. But since Sword in the Stone and Snow White need sorting out, I ask the help of native users as I cannot speak Zazaki, but am devoted to Disney. I don't always have ulterior motives, but I have the completion-ism complex where I wanted these articles in as many languages as possible. I understand that they aren't top priority for you like they are for me, but there are some great Disney films that still don't have articles. The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Pinocchio, and Aladdin are examples. I don't know if you've ever heard of any of these films, but they are all great. I realize that there should be more vital articles first, but will there ever be a time when these articles can be made longer? Also, I would just do it myself if I could. But I'd have to know the language. So, is there an easy way to learn proper Zazaki so I can write these articles well on my own? [[Karber:I like peace and quiet|I like peace and quiet]] ([[Karber vaten:I like peace and quiet|mesac]]) 17:43, 12 Adare 2021 ([[UTC]])
::::I saw Vuzorg returned, but {{ping|Vuzorg}}, there is still so much to do on these articles. I created for example [[The Haunted Hathaways]] based on [[Liv and Maddie]], but it's lacking in content since I couldn't manage much. I wonder about the disambig styles because they don't seem to match other articles. And there is [[Chicken Little (1943 film)]] but just [[Chicken Little]] is about the 2005 film when it should be about the original story. In fact this is true for many movies based on existing stories like [[The Jungle Book]] and [[Robin Hood]]. But for pages like Snow White where the original article was deleted to make way for move, can the pages be restored now that the pages moves have been completed? Also, on Liv and Maddie, it says "Lua error Xetay pele Modul:Citation/CS1 dı rêza 2300 de ya: attempt to call upvalue 'strip_apostrophe_markup' (a nil value)". So, something's wrong with the references, but what can be done about that? [[Karber:I like peace and quiet|I like peace and quiet]] ([[Karber vaten:I like peace and quiet|mesac]]) 21:16, 25 Nisane 2021 ([[UTC]])
::::: Yeah, unfortunately the references don't work properly, so they all need to be revised. [[Şablon:Cite web|Template:Cite web]] and all other templates with extension, connected to the cite web should be fixed but I don't have enough time to do it nowadays. So you can use the old referencing style instead of using cite web. You can create these articles in a proper way by getting inspired by smiliar articles. Good luck. [[Karber:Vuzorg|Vuzorg]] ([[Karber vaten:Vuzorg|mesac]]) 10:51, 26 Nisane 2021 ([[UTC]])