Penny Marshall

Carole Penny Marshall (b. 15 Tışrino Verên 1943, The Bronx, New York, DAY) yew aktore u komedyena Amerikana.

Penny Marshall
Penny Marshall 1976.jpg
Melumato şexsi
Dewlete Dewletê Amerikaê Yewbiyaey
Cınsiyet Cêniye
Cay biyayışi The Bronx
Merdış (Forest Lawn Memorial Park (en) de merdo)
Cay merdışi Los Angeles (Type-1 diabetes (en) ra merd)
Wendış University of New Mexico (en)
Gure Hetenoğê filmi (en), vıraştoğê filmi (en), senarist, nuştekar, stunt performer (en), muzisyen, dancer (en), vengdayoğ (en), Komedyen (en), kaykerê sinema u kaykerê seriali (d)
Zıwani İngılızki
Partner Rob Reiner (en)
Cınayış Vokal (d)
Domani Tracy Reiner (en)
Baweriye Congregational church (en)

Penny Marshall (1988)




Ser Film Role Noti
1968 The Savage Seven Tina [1]
1968 How Sweet It Is! Tour Girl [1]
1970 The Grasshopper Plaster Caster [1]
1970 Where's Poppa? Courtroom Spectator Uncredited
1975 How Come Nobody's on Our Side? Theresa aka Capers[2]
1979 1941 Miss Fitzroy Uncredited[3]
1985 Movers & Shakers Reva Cameo[4]
1988 She's Having a Baby Herself Uncredited
1991 The Hard Way Angie [5]
1993 Hocus Pocus The Master's Wife Uncredited[6]
1995 Get Shorty Herself Cameo[7]
1998 The Emperor's New Clothes: An All-Star Illustrated Retelling of the Classic Fairy Tale The Imperial Lady-in-Waiting #2 Voice[8]
1999 Special Delivery
2000 High Fidelity Funeral Attendee Uncredited
2004 Stateside Lt. Chevetone Uncredited[3]
2005 Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World Herself Cameo[9]
2007 Everybody Wants to Be Italian Teresa the Florist [10]
2007 Alice Upside Down Mrs. Plotkin Direct-to-video film[11]
2007 Blonde Ambition Bolo Executive [7]
2011 New Year's Eve Herself (segment "Ahern Party")
2014 Going to America Herself – Famous Director
2015 Staten Island Summer Dolores
2015 Scooby-Doo! and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery The Elder Voice, Direct-to-video film[12]
2016 Mother's Day Narrator Voice[13]


Ser Name Noti
1986 Jumpin' Jack Flash [1]
1988 Big [1]
1990 Awakenings Also executive producer[1]
1992 A League of Their Own Also executive producer[1]
1994 Renaissance Man Also executive producer[1]
1996 The Preacher's Wife [1]
2001 Riding in Cars with Boys [1]


Ser Name Noti
1993 Calendar Girl Executive producer[14]
1996 Getting Away with Murder Producer[15]
1998 With Friends Like These... Producer[16]
2003 Risk Vıraştoğ
2005 Cinderella Man Producer[17]
Bewitched Producer[17]



Ser Name Role Noti
1968–1969 That Girl Assistant Librarian / Joan Episodes: "Secret Ballot", "Fix My Screen & Bug Out"[1]
1969 My Friend Tony Janet Episode: "Computer Murder"
1969 Then Came Bronson Claire Episode: "The Runner"[18]
1970 Love, American Style Mary Agnes Episode: "Love and the Pick-Up" segment[1]
1970 Barefoot in the Park Episode: "In Sickness and in Health"
1970 The Wonderful World of Disney Mayor's Secretary Episodes: "The Wacky Zoo of Morgan City" (Parts 1 & 2)
1971 The Feminist and the Fuzz Liberation Lady Television film[19]
1971 Getting Together Mona Episode: "Those Oldies But Goodies Remind Me of You"[20]
1972–1974 The Odd Couple Myrna Turner 27 episodes[3]
1972 Evil Roy Slade Bank Teller Television film[21]
1972 The Super Janice Episode: "The Matchmaker"[22]
1972 The Bob Newhart Show Stewardess Episode: "Fly the Unfriendly Skies"[1]
1972 The Crooked Hearts Waitress Television film[22]
1972 The Couple Takes a Wife Paula Television film[22]
1973 Banacek Receptionist Episode: "The Greatest Collection of Them All"
1974–1975 Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers Janice Dreyfuss 14 episodes[1]
1974–1976 The Mary Tyler Moore Show Toni / Paula Kovacs Episodes: "I Was a Single for WJM", "Murray in Love", "Menage-a-Lou"[1]
1975 Let's Switch! Alice Wright Television film[23]
1975 Wives Connie Television film
1975 Chico and the Man Anita Cappuccino Episode: "Chico and the Van"[22]
1975 Saturday Night Live Herself Episode: "Rob Reiner"[3]
1975–1979 Happy Days Laverne DeFazio 5 episodes[1]
1976 Good Heavens Episode: "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"[24]
1976–1983 Laverne & Shirley Laverne DeFazio 178 episodes[1]
1977 Saturday Night Live Herself Episode: "Live from Mardi Gras"[3]
1977 Blansky's Beauties Laverne DeFazio Episode: "Nancy Remembers Laverne"[25]
1978 Mork & Mindy Laverne DeFazio Episode: "Pilot"[3]
1978 More Than Friends Matty Perlman Television film[22]
1979 Carol Burnett & Company Herself Episode #1.3[26]
1981 Laverne & Shirley in the Army Laverne DeFazio Voice, 13 episodes[25]
1982 Mork & Mindy/Laverne & Shirley/Fonz Hour Laverne DeFazio Voice, 8 episodes (Laverne & Shirley with the Fonz segment)[3]
1983 Taxi Herself Episode: "Louie Moves Uptown"[3]
1984 The New Show Various Characters Episode #1.4[27]
1984 Love Thy Neighbor Linda Wilson Television film[28]
1985 Challenge of a Lifetime Nora Schoonover Television film[29]
1990 The Simpsons Ms. Botz Voice, Episode: "Some Enchanted Evening"[3]
1993 The Odd Couple: Together Again Myrna Television film[18]
1996 Saturday Night Live Various Characters Episode: "Rosie O'Donnell/Whitney Houston"[3]
1998 Tracey Takes On... Herself Episode: "Hollywood"
1998 Nash Bridges Iris Heller Episode: "Skin Deep"
1999 Jackie's Back! Herself Cameo
2004 Frasier Celeste Voice, Episode: "Frasier-Liste"
2006 Campus Ladies Episode: "Webcam"[3]
2006 Bones Herself Episode: "The Woman at the Airport"[3]
2008 The Game Doris Fox Episode: "A Delectable Basket of Treats"[3]
2012 The Life & Times of Tim PR Executive Voice, Episode: "The Smug Chiropractor/Corporate Disaster"
2012 Portlandia Barbara Episode: "Feminist Book Store 10th Anniversary"[3]
2013 Sam & Cat Sylvia Burke Episode: "#SalmonCat"[30]
2014 Mulaney Tutti Episode: "Sweet Jane"[31]
2016 The Odd Couple Patty Dombrowski Episode: "Taffy Days", (final appearance)[17]


Ser Name Noti
1979 Working Stiffs 1 episode: "The Preview Presentation"
1979–1981 Laverne & Shirley 4 episodes: "Squiggy in Love", "The Duke of Squigman", "The Dating Game", "But Seriously, Folks"[1]
1987 The Tracey Ullman Show 1 episode
1993 A League of Their Own 1 episode: "Dottie's Back"[32]
2009 According to Jim 2 episodes: "The Yoga Bear", "Physical Therapy"[1]
2010–2011 United States of Tara 2 episodes: "Explosive Diorama", "Wheels"[1]


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