Saeta amnani

Saeta amnani, yew sistemê eyarkerdışê saetano. Semedo ke roşniya roci bêro gurenayış dewleti saeta xo vırnenê. Saeta amnani raver serra 1895i de George Vernon Hudsoni eşta ver. Dewleti saetê kenê miyan pê saeta amnani.

World map. Europe, Russia, most of North America, parts of southern South America and southern Australia, and a few other places use DST. Most of equatorial Africa and a few other places near the equator have never used DST. The rest of the land mass is marked as formerly using DST.
Gırwenayışê saeta amnani:
  Endi nêgırweno.
  Qet nêgırweo.


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