Şıma şenê semedê problemanê tekniki ra persê xo naca ra bıpersên!


Disambiguation templatesBıvurne

Şablon:Maneo bin seems to be a template which is used on top of the articles to link to the disambiguation article itself. It should not contain __DISAMBIG__ magic word, it makes articles having that template marked as disambiguation articles. This template also seems to be connected to a wrong Wikidata item. The one it is connected to should have Şablon:Serşıkıtış linked, the template used to mark the disambiguation articles themselves. But Maneo bin should be connected with en:Template:Other uses, right? I would fix it, but I do not speak Zazaki so I might actually get it wrong after all. --Base (mesac) 02:04, 23 Tişrino Verên 2019 (UTC)