Hi Ali, how are you doing? I have a question. In Mazandarani, do you use "Homa" for "God"? Thanks. --Xosere 04:23, 14 Paiza Wertêyêne / Oktobre 2007 (UTC)

No, actually not, but i heard that some people pronounce xeda as heda, i also saw in Dictionary that Homa is meaningfull, that table for iranian languages needs to be corrected since there are too many dialects and i am not sure which one is prefered or original ! Also i sent you 2 emails this week, is there any problems to getting emails ? --Ali1986 04:35, 17 Paiza Wertêyêne / Oktobre 2007 (UTC)

Dear Ali,

indeed it is a really flag of IRAN, which you see on my photo. Greetings! --Mirzali 12:33, 14 Kanune / Gağan 2007 (UTC)

& Indeed it impressed me ! Cheers, Selamet boyi! --Ali1986 08:38, 15 Kanune / Gağan 2007 (UTC)

Question about MazandaraniBıvurne

Hi, do you use "re" also for "in"? I saw in the Mazandarani Wikipdia as example this:

mazrunî 1468 re wahmîne ma beşer/bhşhr dle deniya bemu.

--Dersimıc 15:07, 3 Gucige | Sıbat 2008 (UTC)

Dear Bera Dersimi, Selamet esti? I appologize for my delay, Yeah, sometimes in some cases. re actually means of, which gives noun an accusative behaviour, Just look above, You notice Wikipediya ra, The term we use is dele. it cognates with persian dar, & kurdish le, Yeah you are right many of words prounced by l would be pronounced with r sound.

that text means:
in month wahmine of 1468 mazenderani, he was born in behshehr. (bemu = prefix be + emu = Zaza: Amey) --Parthava 17:39, 9 Gucige | Sıbat 2008 (UTC)
Yes, the Sorani-Kurds do use "le" for this meaning, for "of". And i asked therefore, because i also think, that "le" in Kurdisch is come from "re". Do you have msn? --Dersimıc 12:32, 15 Gucige | Sıbat 2008 (UTC)

Voting on Gileki WikipediaBıvurne

Dear Ali! How do you spell موافق or مخالف in Latin letters? And what do these words mean? Not everyone can read Arabic letters. Greetings! --Mirzali 17:21, 19 Gucige | Sıbat 2008 (UTC)

I already found it out!
موافق (mu'afeq): support
مخالف (muxalef): oppose
--Mirzali 18:41, 19 Gucige | Sıbat 2008 (UTC)

Arabic ScripturesBıvurne

Like already said, the Arabic script is not familiar to everyone. The majority of Turkish people is secular and there are even atheists. The less so since there are many Turkish translations of Quran for understanding of contents. Only at religious ceremonies (like memorial service, wedding etc.) is read in Quran from a hodja. Greetings! --Mirzali 11:50, 20 Gucige | Sıbat 2008 (UTC)

My msn:Bıvurne

the_shadow -@- hotmail -dot- de

--Dersimıc 15:45, 20 Gucige | Sıbat 2008 (UTC)

OK, Dear Bera! I added you by my Y! ID, If there is trouble/difficulty getting messages please tell me, I'm online this night on 8-9 P.M. (EU TimeZone), (10:30-11:30 P.M. Mazanderan TZ) --Parthava 14:43, 21 Gucige | Sıbat 2008 (UTC)

Newroc ti raz xeyr boBıvurne

Newroc ti raz xeyr bo bira. Thanks you bira. The Iranian Languages box looks great. --Xosere 16:47, 1 Nisane 2008 (UTC)