Hello. Thanks for your contributions. But I ask you in the name of the admins to make qualitative contributions. Quantity doesn't make much sense in an encyclopedia. Best, --Asmêno Bêwayir (mesac) 22:27, 18 Tişrino Peyên 2019 (UTC)

Merci aussi pour votre soutien. -- Mirzali (mesac) 01:28, 19 Tişrino Peyên 2019 (UTC)
Hello!... Thank you both for your messages. My knowledges in Zazaki language are nearly zero, anyway I try to contribute to this Wiki by doing very simple works, as creating stubs of articles or categorizations. Sorry if the quality is not as good as the works of some native speaking users. --YANN92340 (mesac) 17:48, 19 Tişrino Peyên 2019 (UTC)